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Check-in / Check-out

Q Can I check-in before 4:00PM?

A Our check-in time is from 4:00PM to 10:30PM. If you arrive before check-in we are happy to keep your luggage until check-in time. If you leave your luggage with us, please ensure that you return to pick up your baggage before check-in closes at 1am.

Q Can I check-out before 8:00AM?

A Yes. As we operate with a self-checkout system, guests are able to check-out at anytime. However, please note that our reception desk is closed between 1:00AM and 8:00AM. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us or ask the staff at check-in.

Q Can I leave my luggage if I arrive early for check in and/or after I check-out?

A Yes. You can leave your luggage with us at the front desk. Please ask our staff on arrival for more details.

Q Is there a curfew?

A No, there is no curfew. However, our main entrance will close after 1:00AM. Please enter and exit via the side entrance between 1:00AM and 8:00AM. The entrance code will be handed over upon check-in.

Reservation / Cancellation

Q Is there an age limitation for guests?

A For guests under the age of 15 who wish to stay in the Library Dormitory or Compact Rooms, we require written and/or verbal parental permission. There is no age limit for guests under the age of 15 if accompanied by an adult.

Q Can I make a reservation over the phone?

A No, we do not take over the phone reservations. For security purposes, we ask that you make a reservation through our website.

Q Can I make changes to my reservation?

A Yes. For direct reservations through our website, please contact us to make changes to your booking. For reservations made through an online booking site (, Expedia, Rakuten Travel etc) please lodge your inquiry directly through the appropriate website to change your booking. If you are not able to change your booking through the site you booked through, please feel free to contact us directly.

Q What is the Cancellation Policy?

A We have a 1 Day Cancellation Policy. Cancellations or modifications to reservations made 1 day prior will not result in any fees. If cancelled or modified LATER than 1 day, the price of the first night of the reservation will be charged. In the case of no-show, the entire reservation will be cancelled & cancellation fees according to our cancellation policy will apply.

Q Can I pay in cash upon arrival?

A Yes, you can pay by both cash or credit card upon check in. However, please note that credit card information may be required regardless, depending on the online booking site you used to make your reservation.

Access / Nearby Facilities

Q How can I get to BUSOAN

A 4 minute walk from Machida Station, JR Yokohama Line. 8 minute walk from Machida Station, Odakyu Line. 40 minutes to Shinjuku Station, via Odakyu Line. 30 minutes to Shin-Yokohama Station, via Yokohama Line. 25 minutes to Hachioji Station, via Yokohama Line.

Q Are there any convenience stores or supermarkets close by?

A There is a convince store within a 20 second walk from the hostel and supermarkets within a 5 minute walk. In addition to convenience stores and supermarkets, there are many restaurants and Izakaya’s located close to our hostel.

Q Is there a parking lot?

A There is a coin parking lot next to the hostel. Please note that the coin parking lot is owned and operated by a separate company.

Facilities / Rooms

Q What amenities are available?

A We offer the following amenities.

Free Amenities: Air-conditioning, reading light, power plug, hair dryer, earbuds, tissues, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hand soap, slippers.

Fee Based Amenities: Rental bath towel, rental pyjamas, toothbrush set, razor.

Q Do you have a communal kitchen space?

A We do not have a kitchen. However, we offer drinks and food at our Cafe & Bar on the first floor.

Q Is there a locker or place to store my valuables?

A There is a safety box in each room for small valuables such as wallets, keys and mobile phones. Please use vacant spaces under, beside and within your room for storing larger baggage items. If you would like to store a larger valuable item, please contact the front desk.

Q Is BUSOAN available for parties or events?

A Our Cafe & Bar on the first floor can be booked for parties or events such as workshops. Please contact us directly for further information.


Q Can I take home the books?

A Some books located on the first floor are available for purchase. Please ask our staff for more details.

Q Can I take the books inside my room to read?

A Yes. Please feel free to take books from any of the shelves to read at your leisure.

Other Service

Q If I check-out of BUSOAN, go away for a few days, then return to check-in again at BUSOAN, can I leave some luggage?

A If you check-out once and plan to return and stay with us again, we are able to keep your luggage. Please speak to our staff for further details.

Q Do you have breakfast?

A Yes. We offer breakfast sets and a la carte menu items at the BUSOAN Cafe on the first floor. Please check our menu for details.

Q Do you have free Wi-Fi?

A Yes. We have free Wi-Fi throughout the premises for all guests.